Why a Money Plan is Essential for Growing Your Product Business with Sara Verheyen

Why a Money Plan is Essential for Growing Your Product Business with Sara Verheyen Podcast from Product Powerhouse


In this episode of Product Powerhouse, host Erin Alexander welcomes Sarah Verheyen from Merish Books, a bookkeeping and CFO services provider for creative entrepreneurs. 

This episode offers valuable advice and practical tools for product-based business owners to take control of their finances and ensure long-term success.

- Erin shares her personal experience and Sarah encourages getting creative to make money.
- The Profit First system is recommended for business owners.

- A cash flow planner tool helps with financial planning and overview.

- Separate bank accounts for different expenses can prevent accidental spending.

- Bookkeeping and regular financial check-ins are crucial for success.

Sarah's insights and tips provide a roadmap for product-based business owners to navigate their finances wisely. By implementing strategies like the Profit First system, utilizing a cash flow planner tool, and prioritizing bookkeeping, entrepreneurs can gain a clearer understanding of their financial health and make informed decisions. Don't let bookkeeping hold you back from running a successful business. Join Erin Alexander and Sara  Verheyen on this helpful episode of Product Powerhouse and take control of your business finances today.

Connect with Sara:
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