Celebrating 10 Years of Success with Tara Sutton Everything Done to a T


Hello friends, and welcome to another episode of the Product Powerhouse Podcast! I'm thrilled you're here for what promises to be an incredibly fun and insightful episode. Today, I have the pleasure of chatting with my dear friend Tara Sutton from Everything Done to a T. Tara is a phenomenal person—kind, funny, and definitely someone you should follow.

Tara runs an online boutique specializing in personalized, giftable items. From custom tumblers to sports bag tags, she adds a unique, personal touch to everything she creates. As Tara likes to say, she’s firmly against anything generic like “live, laugh, love” décor. Today, we’re diving into how her business has evolved over the past decade, how she adapted when her husband was laid off, and the various challenges and triumphs she’s encountered along the way.

Catching Up with Tara

Erin: Hi Tara! Thank you so much for being on the podcast. How are you today?

Tara: Hi! Thank you so much for having me. I'm good, I'm good. How are you?

Erin: I’m doing great. I’m so excited to talk to you today. I always like to tell people how we met, and I believe we first connected on Instagram because we were both going to UPP (Ultimate Product Party) this year. How crazy is that?

Tara: I know, right? And we got to party in Nashville together last year. That was super fun. Are you going again this year?

Erin: I am! I’ll see you there.

Tara: I told Allison I wanted to make an alumni shirt or something. That would be so fun!

The Evolution of Everything to a T

Erin: Let’s talk about your business. Why don’t we start with you telling everyone who you are and what you do?

Tara: Sure! I’m Tara, the owner of Everything Done to a T, a small business based out of my home in New Jersey. I just celebrated my 10-year anniversary in March, which is so exciting. It’s wild to think I started this journey with an Etsy shop making Lego bags. Back then, it was a simple gift bag with a circle glued on it. But I felt the world needed these, even with a baby and a toddler at home.

I initially got into DIY projects when I planned my wedding in 2009, pre-Pinterest. I made my invitations, table numbers, and more. After that, I started helping friends with their weddings and then their baby showers, which led me to open my Etsy shop. My business has evolved from party favors and decor to personalized gifts and sports accessories. I now run the business full-time, having left my corporate job in October 2021.

Transitioning and Overcoming Challenges

Erin: Wow, that’s an incredible journey! I’m curious, when did you start your own website to go along with your Etsy store?

Tara: I built my website initially for paint night events, where people could personalize their signs. I needed a way for them to pay and pick their designs, so I created a simple site for that. By 2020, I got nervous about relying solely on Etsy due to its strict rules and potential shutdowns. So, I started adding products to my website and building an email list. Now, my website runs alongside Etsy, and I push more traffic there.

Erin: That’s smart. Etsy can be a bit unpredictable. How did you manage when your husband was laid off?

Tara: It was a challenging time. My husband had been with his company for 18 years. His layoff meant losing our primary income and insurance. The business had to shift from being a supplementary income to our main source of revenue. We streamlined operations, focused on fast-moving products, and cut down listings. My husband helped with orders and logistics, which was invaluable. It was a scary period, but it made us stronger and more efficient.

Practical Tips for Entrepreneurs

Erin: How do you manage to stay consistent on social media, especially during tough times?

Tara: I rely heavily on B-roll. I film a lot of content when I feel good and look my best, so I have a library of material to post on days when I’m not up for being on camera. I also balance faceless marketing with personal posts. This strategy helps maintain my presence online without the pressure of being camera-ready every day.

Erin: That’s a great strategy. What advice would you give to someone just starting their business?

Tara: Trust your gut. There’s no one-size-fits-all in business. Many people will tell you to focus on one product or niche, but if you feel pulled in a different direction, follow that instinct. You’ll face failures and successes, and that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey.


Erin: Thank you so much, Tara. Where can people find you online?

Tara: The best place is Instagram at everything.done.to.a.t, with dots between each word. I’m also on TikTok under the same handle, and my website is www.everythingdonetoat.com. I’d love to connect with everyone there!

Erin:  Thank you again, Tara, for sharing your story and behind-the-scenes insights. Congratulations on your 10-year anniversary!

Tara: Thank you so much for having me!


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