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An excellent mini course to create a professional links page

Erin demonstrates exactly how to create your own professional social media links page that ties in with your brand without looking like everyone else's links page, or relying on a third party links provider who will often charge just for the privilege of using your own brand colours or adding photos. I created my new links page up in no time at all and the best part, I'm getting people to come to my site straight away!

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Kira L.F.
So valuable

This is a no brainer purchase, Erin has knowledge and ideas that are game changers for shop owners. I can’t wait to implement her suggestions.

Shopify links page

The video was very clear and easy to follow. I was able to create a lovely links page for my instagram. It has all the important info I want to highlight from my website.

Loved this Shopify PowerUp Mini Course!

A valuable mini-course to easily set up a customized page on my website to send Instagram users. Being able to add dynamic links to my recent blog articles was very nice! Bonus, I can create a page that doesn't look like everyone else's "Link in Bio" page.

Great goal setting tool for a timely site launch

I used this handy roadmap alongside the DIY Shopify course and it really helped me to focus on setting daily goals to build my website from scratch and quit procrastinating! I gave myself the two weeks to switch over from my old website, so the guide really helped me to stick to the programme and get launched without missing anything important. I also printed it off so that I could take a break from the screen but still work out what needed to be done and move things forward.

A great idea, jam-packed full of value!

I plan on watching this tutorial a few times, as Erin always packs so much into her content. I love the idea of keeping visitors on my site (for no added cost!), and now I know how. As always, lots of additional tips and resources are mentioned in the course.

Excellent course and worth the investment!

An excellent, well structured course with easy to follow modules and expert support on hand. Shopify is a minefield for someone who has never built a website, but Erin breaks it down into logical, easy to follow steps without getting overwhelmed or spending ages trying to figure things out for myself. I'm absolutely delighted with my new website and have received so many compliments (and now sales) from my followers too! I know that it will serve my business well and am so grateful for this course.

What a great and helpful review!

What a delight it was to receive a review from Erin! She dove into the tiny details, which is precisely what I needed. I now have a list of things to correct and do, and I'm happy about it! Thank you, thank you!

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Amie G.
Very insightful!

My shop review was extremely insightful. Erin was extremely kind with her advice and having a fresh pair of eyes on my website has helped me to see things that I was overlooking. Erin gave me a lot of ideas on how to fix issues and improve my shop for better conversions. 10/10 recommend!

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Arin F.
So so helpful!

Erin did a review of my site. It was the best investment I’ve made in my shop this year. She packed SO much into a session- I’ve done these before and my expectations were… not high.
Her feedback was jam full of actionable tips and helpful insights, I was blown away.
We would like to think we can see our own site clearly, but after months of focus on other parts of our business it’s just not true. I was amazed how valuable Erin’s feedback was and I recommend her to anyone with an e-commerce biz that’s been wrangling it all, mostly on their own.

I'm so glad I did this!

I recently grabbed Amy's offer for a really budget friendly website review, and I'm so glad I did! I've been a fan of hers for a few years, and appreciate her down to earth advice about Shopify websites. She gave me a beautifully presented video (with a transcript including an index) with lots of her observations on my site. I have made many of the changes already and am pleased with how much more professional my site looks.

Just what I needed

Really useful - I found it easy to set up the page following the instructions and it gave me lots of ideas to include that I may not have thought of. Thank you!

Very informative!

SEO has always been difficult for me, until Simplified SEO for Shop Owners! It is so helpful and informative. I refer to it often when I am adding new listings to my shop.

Shop Review
Julie G.
Thank you!

Thank you so much! Erin provided easy and actionable updates for me to implement and I’m so grateful. When you’re working on your website alone you tend to be a little too close to it to see things through a potential buyer’s eye so this was super helpful! She also helped me realize there were some things I could tweak that I didn’t even know were possible. If you’re like me and “you don’t know what you don’t know” definitely purchase a website review! I’m so glad I did! The Loom recording was so easy to access and watch as well! Yay!

So helpful!

Erin’s Gift Guide course helped me to organize and plan my gift guide. She explains and shows exactly how to create one, and this course motivated me to finally do it!


Best money I've invested. A redesign wasn't in our budget and I knew our website needed help but couldn't figure out where to start or what exactly was wrong. This was amazing. All the recommendations were easy tweaks and I am already getting people on my website longer and more traffic. Thank you so much!!

Helpful tool

A helpful tool to help get your shop seo in order. You'll start to see the results in time!

Super helpful & informative!

Erin is a great teacher with a wealth of knowledge on SEO and how to implement it correctly to your Shopify site. She’s a great teacher and uses words that you can understand and really takes time to explain everything clearly. This course was a huge help. Thanks Erin!

Very informative

Erin is a great teacher and has lots of knowledge on this subject. I thoroughly enjoyed the class. If you want to learn about SEO definitely take this class.

Thank you for the super informative coaching session; I found it very valuable. Your professional suggestions, combined with the practical, have given me a much better understanding of the mechanics and functionality of website building as it relates to customer behavior, and how to make it all work for my business. Thank you for demystifying the processes of website creation and purpose-driven email content.

Worth SO MUCH more! - I bought this course a little under a year ago for my husband's side business that he was trying to get started. I implemented each step into the new website that I was building. Thanks to this course, his side business is now profitable and makes sales while we are sleeping. We haven't done any social media or paid marketing yet. The ONLY thing I did was use the tools that Erin has inside this course for his website! FYI we used to use Shopify, but due to Shopify's odd terms and conditions, we switched to another e-commerce platform, and Erin's tools and tips still work there too! HIGHLY recommend!! 🙌

A must have! - I LOVE this guide to SEO. It is so simply structured into bite size pieces that you can understand and implement, yet it is so powerful. It will help you update your website quickly and confidently. I would highly recommend it to any online shop owner.

I am really enjoying the course. SEO is a whole new world for me and the Simplified SEO is helping me to understand things a little better. The additional video content is really helpful. I have started to implement some of the suggestions. Working on my Keywords today! Thank you!