How to install a Flodesk pop-up on Shopify

We recently helped a really fun client get her Flodesk all set up on her Shopify account, including setting up her Flodesk pop-up on her shop.

Which made me realize that we needed to create some more tutorials for getting Flodesk connected to Shopify. It's really not complicated to do but it's also not super obviously how to getting everything set up right on your Shopify site. Plus you do have to do a small edit to your Shopify code which I know scares some people. Don't worry, it's just a small copy and paste. You can do it!

If you haven't heard about Flodesk yet check out this blog and podcast episode about why we love using Flodesk and if it's a good choice for your product-based business.

Here's the video tutorial if that's your jam or scroll down for the steps written out.

Steps to show you how to install a Flodesk pop-up on Shopify.

1- Style your pop-up however you want. Those steps don't affect the installation process.

2- When you get to the embed page, this is where you're going to do a little bit of work. The script that they give you is what you need to install in the code of your Shopify site. Click to copy the code.

3- Open up your Shopify site in a new tab under your site, you're going to go to your online store and on your current theme, you're going to click on the actions, button and edit code from here.

4- Look for the theme.liquid file, which is usually in this section right here called Layout. This is all of the code that decides how your theme looks. Open up your finder window, which for me is Command F (Mac) or Control F on a PC. It's going to open up this little search bar. Then you're going to type /head. This is the end of the head header script for your Shopify site.

5- Right above the </head> hit enter and give ourselves a little bit of space. You just need a couple of lines and then paste the code we've already copied and that just installed your script.

6- Then click save and the best way to preview this is in a new an incognito window. In Chrome, I go to file > new > incognito window, and then you want to go to your shop and take a look and make sure it's working.

That's all you have to do to install a popup from Flo desk onto your Shopify site.

If you haven't signed up for a free trial of Shopify, you can do that by following this link.





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