Build Your Shop: 14 Day Shopify Roadmap

You’re ready to build your Shopify store, but getting started feels a lot like starting a road trip without a map.

You know where you want to go, but there are a million ways to get there, so where do you start? This is how I felt too when I first started working in the e-commerce world. There are so many parts and pieces to creating your virtual storefront. 

Thankfully, Shopify makes it easier with their user-friendly platform but there are still a lot of things to do before you can finally hit publish. Most new business owners just rush through the process and end missing really critical steps of the process. 

With this 14 day roadmap you’ll go through all the steps of creating your own Shopify store in a way that is thoughtful and strategic. This ensures you have a website that you’re proud to share, grows with your business, and makes it easy for customers to fall in love and shop with you.

Build Your Shop(ify) is a fillable workbook with daily to-do lists and additional resources (podcast episodes, tutorials, etc.) to help you launch your Shopify store. The file is delivered as a PDF with a link to access the workbook as Google Doc as well.