Introducing the Product Powerhouse Podcast

Hey, welcome to the Product Powerhouse Podcast. My name is Erin Alexander. I'm the host of the show, and I'm also the founder of Alexander Design company, a Shopify web design, and marketing agency for eCommerce businesses. I believe that running a shop is a completely different ballgame than other types of online businesses. And I created this podcast to bring you support and inspiration. You need to make your shop a success. My company works with women who have product-based businesses of all kinds. We work with handmade and artists and businesses, high-end luxury businesses, and shop owners who create digital products only. Whether you have a brick and mortar shop on the corner of the main street or run an awesome party decor empire in your basement, or you're just a hobbyist trying to make a little money from your passion project. We'll be covering it all each week.

We'll be bringing you actionable tips for shop owners. Whether we're talking about marketing design tips or manufacturing, this podcast will be geared towards what it's like to run a product-based business. We'll also be chatting with other shop owners to go behind the scenes and give you insider insight into their own successful businesses and so much more. So let's skip the boring blanket advice that doesn't really apply to shop owners and start taking action to help drive your business forward. Go ahead and subscribe to the product powerhouse podcast right now. So you never miss an episode. Thank you so much for being here. I'm so excited to get started.

Grab yourself an ice coffee and let's jump in.





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