Exploring Wholesale Options on Shopify

Hello friends! Welcome to another episode of the Product Powerhouse Podcast. Today, we're diving into the world of wholesale options on Shopify. This is going to be an exciting and informative session, especially for those of you frequently asking about wholesale features on Shopify. Let's get into it!

Why Discuss Wholesale Options?

I often get asked about wholesale options for Shopify, so much so that I promised one of my students from the DIY Shopify course to dedicate an episode to it. This topic is crucial because it addresses the needs of many entrepreneurs looking to expand their business by incorporating wholesale into their retail strategies.

A Pleasant Surprise from Wholesale in a Box

Before diving into the details, I want to share a delightful discovery. I did a guest interview on Wholesale in a Box about Shopify wholesale options and revisited that blog post recently. While doing so, I found an amazing review of my course by Emily, the creator of Wholesale in a Box. Emily, who has also been a podcast guest, purchased my DIY Shopify course and wrote a glowing review, which was a complete surprise to me. Here’s a snippet:

"I found Erin to be an authentic, generous, and passionate person in her courses. At Wholesale in a Box, we do not use affiliate links and never recommend anything we haven’t personally used and loved. I paid full retail price for the course, and while it was a bit pricey, it saved me a lot of time and effort."

Wholesale Options on Shopify

Now, let’s talk about the wholesale options available on Shopify. Shopify is a versatile platform, perfect for both retail and wholesale. Here are three main options for incorporating wholesale into your Shopify store:

1. Using Discount Codes

The simplest method is using your existing retail site with discount codes for wholesale customers. This involves creating discount codes that provide the necessary price reductions, such as 50% off. This method is easy to set up and cost-effective since it doesn't require any additional fees. However, it requires you to manage customer profiles manually, ensuring they are tax-exempt and using apps like Bespoke Shipping to handle different shipping rates.


  • Easy and cost-effective
  • Utilizes existing retail site


  • Requires manual customer management
  • Limited in functionality for more complex wholesale needs

2. Using Wholesale Apps

There are several apps designed to manage wholesale on Shopify. One popular option is the B2B Wholesale Hub previously called Wholesale Club app, which allows wholesale customers to log in and see their special pricing. This method is more robust and offers features like net 30 or net 60 terms.


  • More official and professional for wholesale customers
  • Automates many processes


  • Monthly fees (e.g., $29 or $59)
  • Requires initial setup and occasional syncing of new products

3. Creating a Separate Wholesale Store

For businesses with more complex needs, having a separate wholesale store might be the best option. This involves managing two distinct websites, each tailored to its specific audience. This method provides more control over the customer experience and order management.


  • Greater control over the wholesale experience
  • Separate management of retail and wholesale operations


  • Requires managing and maintaining two sites
  • Can be more expensive and technically challenging

Additional Considerations

Regardless of the method you choose, several additional apps can enhance your wholesale process. For example, form apps like the Hulk Form Builder can help you create custom forms for onboarding new wholesale customers. Other apps, like EasyLockdown, can protect specific pages on your site, ensuring only wholesale customers have access to sensitive information.

The Importance of Onboarding and Nurturing

Creating a seamless onboarding process for your wholesale customers is essential. This includes setting up customer accounts, applying the necessary tags, and ensuring tax exemptions and shipping rates are correctly configured. Additionally, establishing an email sequence for new wholesale customers can help nurture these relationships and ensure ongoing communication.

Recap and Final Thoughts

Before deciding on the best method for your business, map out your entire wholesale customer experience. Consider how customers will apply, what information you need from them, how you’ll communicate, and what additional apps you might need. Whether you opt for discount codes, a wholesale app, or a separate store, ensure you have a robust onboarding and nurturing process in place.

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