Five Ridiculous SEO Myths To Ignore Today

We never expected to get into the e-commerce SEO (search engine optimization) business, but as I started consulting with more and more shop owners every month I started to see major holes in the way our clients were setting up their store. 

A big part of why I love my work, is helping empower other women to take control of their business or even start their business, so if I can help make SEO for your shop just a tab bit easier than that’s what I’m going to do. (We even have a course to help you update your own SEO here!)

I hear a lot of crazy myths about SEO and today, we are going to clear some of those up. 

Myth #1 - My store is too small to worry about SEO.

Every business can benefit from search engine optimization. Maybe organic search isn’t the number one way people find you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the best you can to show up when they are searching for your products. 

Beyond that, a lot of the best practices for your shop SEO is also really good for the user experience on your site. Things like accurately describing your products, naming products in a way that’s easy to find them, and having collection titles that don’t require interpretation is good for your customers no matter how they find you! It makes shopping with you easier. 

If you want to grow beyond word of mouth and referrals, getting your listings to show up on search is the one of the best ways to do so. 

Another awesome way to grow your business is by collaborating and getting in front of new audiences. But that’s a different post for a different day. 

Myth #2 - You can set it and forget it.


There’s always room for improvement. 

Myth #3 - You have to be the first result on Google to matter. 

Personally, I love to use the “shopping” search because it gives me a lot more options at one time. It’s like window shopping all the stores at once! 

Keep in mind the goal of optimizing your store isn’t to rank number one, it’s to build your business and make more sales.

Myth #4 - You can just sprinkle keywords throughout and people will come to your site and buy all the things. 

Let’s not forget, you still have good products and a good website to support the shopper. Running a shop is much more than just adding keywords to your site. 

Adding keywords to your site is NOT a way to make money quickly. It’s a part of a marketing strategy that requires work, planning, and research. 

You might also want to read my other blog post about where your keywords need to go in your product listings to be effective.

I might get a little ranty about this common myth I keep hearing. 

Myth #5 - More is better. More pages, more products, more blog posts...etc. 

This is why I always recommend starting by optimizing your top products or blog posts. I like to say that when something is popular, it’s almost always going to get more popular. What I mean by that, is if you have 50 or even 5000 people buying one product, there are definitely 50 (5000) more who would also love it. You just have to find those people or they have to find you. 

After you optimize what you already have then you can start creating new content (products, pages, blog posts, opt-ins, etc) that your ideal customer will love! One major bonus is that after you get really familiar with the words people are using to find you and how they are searching for you, creating new content that they will also love will become much easier than you’ve ever expected. 

I’m on a mission to simplify SEO for shop owners. It doesn’t have to be complicated and anxiety-ridden. If you want to give your shop an SEO boost, you’re going to love our new guide. It gives you 5 easy ways to give your shop a nice SEO boost in less than 30 minutes. 





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