CSS Basics for Shopify Sections - Theme Customizations

Learn how to use Shopify's new (added in early 2023) feature the Custom CSS Option that is now available in each section of your theme. 

In this workshop we cover:

  • What is CSS? What does it stand for and how it works.
  • When to use the Custom Box and when things need to be added to your stylesheet
  • Basic CSS properties to make simple changes to sections that will make your theme feel more unique 
  • How to use the Chrome Inspector Tool 
  • Resources for understanding Basic CSS
  • And, a basic CSS Cheatsheet that you can just copy and paste to make it really easy. 
  • Information provided will work on ALL Shop(ify) 2.0 themes.

This is perfect for Shopify store owners who want to make their Shopify store standout and feel more custom. This is NOT going to teach you everything you need to know about coding and CSS. We'll be making small tweaks to make your site look more unique and personalized.

Course access is delivered via ThriveCart Learn after purchase.