Simplified SEO for Shop Owners

Learn how to create product-listings that show up in search results and how to properly fill in the necessary information on your shop website so that it’s constantly working for you. Like waking up to new orders! 

This course is 26 pages with step by step guide to optimizing your entire online store website. It includes video tutorials for Shopify, plus some of our favorite tools, apps and resources.

This course includes:

    • glossary of SEO words you need to know
    • how to do keyword research
    • site wide settings you need to optimize
    • how to optimize your collections
    • how to optimize all the other pages of your site
    • how to optimize all of your product listings
    • how to optimize blog posts
    • how to optimize the images on your site 
    • steps to submit a sitemap to Google
    • all of our favorite apps and tools to improve your SEO
    • AND CHECKLIST to make sure you get everything done! 


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Glenyce H.
    Very informative!

    SEO has always been difficult for me, until Simplified SEO for Shop Owners! It is so helpful and informative. I refer to it often when I am adding new listings to my shop.

    Anela M.
    Helpful tool

    A helpful tool to help get your shop seo in order. You'll start to see the results in time!

    Lindsey H.

    Worth SO MUCH more! - I bought this course a little under a year ago for my husband's side business that he was trying to get started. I implemented each step into the new website that I was building. Thanks to this course, his side business is now profitable and makes sales while we are sleeping. We haven't done any social media or paid marketing yet. The ONLY thing I did was use the tools that Erin has inside this course for his website! FYI we used to use Shopify, but due to Shopify's odd terms and conditions, we switched to another e-commerce platform, and Erin's tools and tips still work there too! HIGHLY recommend!! 🙌


    A must have! - I LOVE this guide to SEO. It is so simply structured into bite size pieces that you can understand and implement, yet it is so powerful. It will help you update your website quickly and confidently. I would highly recommend it to any online shop owner.

    Vanessa L.

    I am really enjoying the course. SEO is a whole new world for me and the Simplified SEO is helping me to understand things a little better. The additional video content is really helpful. I have started to implement some of the suggestions. Working on my Keywords today! Thank you!