Online community for shop owners, monthly challenges + co-working

Grow and scale your online shop with the support of a community who understands what it’s like running a product-based business. 

Running your online shop is a lot of freaking work.

You love creating your products, you feel blessed and grateful that you’ve been able to make an income from your passion. If only you could spend all your time creating.

Turns out turning your passion into a business requires wearing a lot more hats than you ever expected. You’re so busy taking care of your customers and keeping the business running, and learning how to do all the things.

Sometimes it feels like are always hustling but not actually getting anywhere. You just want a little bit of direction and guidance on doing the right things to help you reach your goals.

If you feel like you’ve spent more time searching for the help you need, than implementing. You are not alone.

It’s so difficult to find resources for running a product-based business. Everything out there seems like it’s for service providers or people who want to create courses.

I’m so excited to tell you that there is now a place to ask those questions and find the resources you’ve been wanting. 

Imagine what it would be like if…

Here’s what other shop owners are saying about working with me...

Product Powerhouse™ The Club was created for shop owners just like you, who are searching for direction, support, and community to help grow your shop.

I’ve been in your shoes. For the first 3 years in my business, I struggled to find a community where I felt like I fit in, where I could find the support I needed. It took creating a community for myself to finally feeling like I fit in the online space. 

When I started working with product-based companies, I felt frustrated that there wasn’t more support out there specific to running a business with their business model.

So, I dug in. 

I made it my mission to help more shop owners get what they needed to grow and scale their business. In the last few years I’ve worked with more than 100 shop owners, in some capacity (sometimes coaching, sometimes working on their website) or other, and I heard the struggle you are having. 

I know what you are capable of and I know that when you have the support you need, you will be unstoppable.

Reviews from Happy Shop Owners

I’ve looked into a lot of trainings, groups, etc but really haven’t found many that are specific to product based businesses like this one. It’s an awesome way to connect with others walking similar paths.

Kate S.

Erin provides easy actionable steps to do the things that otherwise seem overwhelming- like improve SEO.  

Alycia C.

When you join Product Powerhouse™ The Club you’ll get …

» Private Community: an exclusive, supportive, community just for Club members (ahem, not on Facebook) – we’re calling it The Club House and you’re going love this platform.

» Monthly Challenges: Specific and actionable themes for each month to guide you through your most profitable year yet, with built-in accountability.

» Monthly Hot Seat Calls: All eyes on your business to work through sticking points tailored to your growth. Even if it’s not your turn to be in the hot seat, there’s so much to learn from each other.

» Private Support from Erin: Strategy-packed LIVE coaching calls and Q&A/Office Hours Sessions in our community with replays, so you never miss a thing.

» Guest Expert Training: Learn from others who are experts in their own field so you know you’re getting the best advice and how it applies to your business model.

» Two Monthly Power-Hour (co-working) Sessions: Two group calls per month to help you tackle your to-do list, because it’s so much easier to get things done when you are working with friends and have real-time accountability.

» Shopify Resources: Previously only shared with one-on-one clients, you’ll get access to our growing library of Shopify resources and tutorials.

» Quarterly Planning Sessions: Map out revenue goals and marketing strategies to simplify and streamline your approach. We’ll be getting started just in time for our first quarter planning session, with an extra bonus for reflecting on the past year.

Here’s what other shop owners are saying about working with me...

But, I’m already so busy!

Do I really have time for time?

Your time is precious, I totally get that. Between juggling all your customer orders, your ever growing to-do list, and your obligations at home, there never seems to be enough hours in a day.

 I also know first hand how hard it is to make time for working on your business, unless you plan for it. The Club is going to provide dedicated focus hours for your business. You should plan to spend up to 2 hours per week for this group. One hour a week for our live calls and one hour to implement.

Plus, we won’t be on Facebook to keep distractions at a minimum! 

You don’t have to show up in the community every day to see results, you just need to have dedicated and scheduled time in your week to do the things to help move your business forward.

What does a month in The Club look like?

Every month we’ll have a theme for our strategy calls, hot seats, power hour sessions, and industry experts.


Strategy session or industry expert

Based on the theme, we’ll have a strategy session or guest expert to deep dive into the topic.


Power Hour co-working session.

Let’s get things done together, we’ll get on zoom and keep each other accountable to get the best results.


Office Hours + Hot Seat Call

We’ll use this call to answer any questions and deep dive into a member’s business, even when it’s not your turn, there’s so much we can learn from each other. 


Quarterly Planning Sessions

Each quarter we’ll reflect on the past quarter and plan out the next so you always know what you are working towards

You don’t have to do business by yourself anymore.

Humans are better together, so while you might have the know how to do everything on your own, you’ll feel more supported in our community. Having a community to share your goals, hold you accountable, celebrate with you and even commiserate with you when things are tough, will make you a strong business owner. 

You’ll also be learning strategies that are specific to product-based businesses, whether is figuring out a new system for processing orders or improving your average order value, you’ll know everything you learn is for your business model. 


Here are two ways to join! 

MONTHLY Membership

  • Private community
  • Bi-weekly power hour sessions
  • Monthly challenges
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Monthly office hours
  • Resource library
  • Access to past recordings
  • Quarterly planning sessions

Six Month Membership

  • Private community
  • bi-weekly power hour sessions
  • Monthly challenges
  • Monthly group coaching
  • Monthly office hours
  • Resource library
  • Access to past recordings
  • Quarterly planning sessions
SAVE $54

Answers for your Questions

This is a group program! At Product Powerhouse we believe we are better together, and have so much to learn from others in our industry.

Everything is always recorded and available in our community within a few days of the live session.

If you prefer to sit back and soak it all up and not do any talking, that’s fine with me! Whatever makes you feel comfortable. 

Yep. You can choose to cancel at any time and your subscription will end before your next billing date. There will be no refunds or prorated billing.

The themes for community are not specific to one website platform, they are suitable to all product-based businesses. However, we do favor Shopify and will be able to give more tailored advice to merchants that use Shopify to manage their online store.

Both. We work with brand new shop owners and shops that make multiple six figures a year.

Most calls will be about an hour per week. You’ll also want to add time in your schedule to implement things we chat about to get the most out of the membership. I’d recommend planning for 2 hours per week. 

We will spread out the calls schedule so that some are in the morning and some in the evening for side hustlers. Plus everything will always be recorded.

The Club is the thing you didn't realize was missing in your life and business.

It’s time to end the day to day hustle and lean into your strengths as a business owner and learn the s strategies that will work for you. Are you ready to stop feeling the burden of doing everything yourself, and embrace the support you need?

We are waiting with open arms for you in The Club. 

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