Create a Links Page or "Link in Bio" Page on Shopify 2.0

Stop sending your traffic to those link services! There's no reason to pay extra for a page that can show multiple links in one place. 

You can create a Links page right on your Shopify store and its doesn't cost anything extra. Plus you include dynamic links that update when you make updates to your shop. 

This Shopify PowerUp will show you exactly how to create a links page on your Shopify 2.0 websites in less than 30 mins. 

This includes:

  • Video tutorial showing you step by step
  • Suggestions for what to include on your page
  • How to set up a simple link for sharing

Delivered via course platform.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
An excellent mini course to create a professional links page

Erin demonstrates exactly how to create your own professional social media links page that ties in with your brand without looking like everyone else's links page, or relying on a third party links provider who will often charge just for the privilege of using your own brand colours or adding photos. I created my new links page up in no time at all and the best part, I'm getting people to come to my site straight away!

Shopify links page

The video was very clear and easy to follow. I was able to create a lovely links page for my instagram. It has all the important info I want to highlight from my website.

Loved this Shopify PowerUp Mini Course!

A valuable mini-course to easily set up a customized page on my website to send Instagram users. Being able to add dynamic links to my recent blog articles was very nice! Bonus, I can create a page that doesn't look like everyone else's "Link in Bio" page.

Blake K.
A great idea, jam-packed full of value!

I plan on watching this tutorial a few times, as Erin always packs so much into her content. I love the idea of keeping visitors on my site (for no added cost!), and now I know how. As always, lots of additional tips and resources are mentioned in the course.