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Building a Niched Business with Bridget Harriss

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Today, I am talking to Bridget Harriss from SailorMade!

I met Bridget, I think, last year I am actually a coach in a community called Flourish and Thrive Academy for jewelry desiners. Then later she hired me to help her with some website tweaks and we worked together to use her website to tell her brand story a little bit better and make it feel more inviting. It was so great to get to work with Bridget. Her business is all about sailors and like that living the boat on the ocean in the North-Eastern part of the United States.

Bridget Harriss is the owner of SailorMade, a nautical jewelry and lifestyle company. Bridget has a really interesting story of becoming a business owner after her company had been around for a few years. You’ll also hear all about the things she’s learned along the way and how she plans to expand her community.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to keep moving forward.” – Bridget Harriss

In this episode we talk about…

  • Her unique entry into entrepreneurship and learning to navigate running a business that wasn’t new. Her family bought the company from the orginial owners.
  • What has helped her business continue to grow and flourish.
  • Specifics about her niched brand and what that looks like.
  • Advice for anyone in the beginning stages of starting a business.
  • Some of the learning curves she’s learned to course correct.
  • The future of SailorMade and how she’s growing her community.

Bridget shares behind the scenes of her business, how she’s continued to grow the company, and how she’s added her own flair to her nautical jewelry company.

Connect with Bridget

Website: SailormadeUSA
Instagram: @SailormadeUSA
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