Shopify Apps to Install in 2021


One of the most common questions my Facebook Community for Shop Owners (JOIN HERE!) is “what are your favorite Shopify apps?” 

Let me tell you, such a loaded question. There are over 5000 apps in the Shopify App Store now, and they all serve different purposes. So, really it depends on what you are trying to do when you are picking apps for your shop. 

Before you install a bunch of apps in your shop, you also want to be sure to consider whether the app will truly add value to your store. Apps can slow down your load times and that’s a big factor when it comes to optimizing your store. 

If you do try a new app and decide you don’t need to keep it, make sure to follow the app developer’s instructions for removing the app. If done incorrectly apps can leave behind code that interferes with other functions of your shop. 

I almost never install apps that change the design because it’s better to do that in the code, instead of using an app.

That being said, I do have some apps that I really like using, so here’s my list. 

Favorite Shopify apps for 2021

Quick note - the pricing of apps changes periodically, so some prices in this post may not reflect the current pricing. To get the most update to the pricing of each app you’ll want to check the Shopify App Store.                 

  1. Bulk Image Edit - This app will help you optimize your product by compressing the images and adding alt-text. There are some limitations to the free version, but it's by far my favorite app ever.
  2. Zoorix ‑ Upsell & Cross Sell - If you want to offer upsells or cross sells this app is perfect for you newer stores. It’s fairly easy to set up. One of my clients is using it currently to offer 2 different types of gift wrapping. For shops that do less than 50 orders per month it’s free and if you do more than 50 orders per month it’s only $7.99. That is by far one of the lowest priced cross selling apps that I’ve come across. 

  1. - Reviews are a must on your Shopify site. They help build the know, like, trust factors which help turn visitors into lifelong customers. Stamped sends automated review requests to your customers. You get to customize the whole experience from how it looks on your shop to what it sends out to your customers. It makes the review process so much easier for your customers, so you are more likely to get those coveted 5 star reviews.
    The same company also has a loyalty program, so if that is also on your radar you can combine the two and give your customer loyalty points for leaving a review.

  2. Infinite Product Options - Sometimes you just need to create a lot of variants and there are some limited to the number of variants in Shopify. 

My client, Joyia Jewelry, uses this app to offer gemstones on rings. Since rings come in so many sizes and she offers different metal types, all the combinations are too much for Shopify. This app is the perfect solution. And it even allows her to add an extra fee for the variation. 

  1. Smart Wishlist - A wishlist app is always on my client’s requests list and after testing many different wishlist apps, this one is by far my favorite. It’s completely customizable so it will look like it belongs on your website. It has all the features you need, like the ability to email the wishlist to someone else. 

And at only $5 per month, it’s a great price. There are other apps that offer free plans for their wishlist, but those options tend to be really limiting, and once you move to the paid version, it’s often more expensive.

  1. PayWhirl Recurring Payments - Creating a subscription, in theory, is really easy, but getting the tech really wasn’t that easy, until recently. Shopify recently added the ability to do recurring payments through their checkout system, but you still need an app to make it happen, most of which come with a really expensive monthly fee.
    PayWhirl is free to install and use, but they take a small percentage of your sale, 3% on the free plan. This setup is great for shops that are ready to start selling subscriptions because you only pay for it when you actually sell one. It helps make that transition easier. You can also pay a monthly fee to reduce the transaction fee. 
  1. Affiliate Marketing Goaffpro - Affiliate marketing is hot right now. This is also the same as an ambassador program, basically you pay your loyal customers to help market for you. You only pay out when they do make a sale, so it’s not costing you anything to give it try. And the free version of this app is more than enough to start your own ambassador program.

    One of my clients, Bella Vida Candles does this and it works really well! It’s helping spread the word about your company and it helps you give back to the community you’ve been building. 
  1. Privy - This is a fun pop-up app to help get more email sign-ups.

    This is a new recommendation for me. I used to prefer using the building within your email service provider like Klaviyo, however, a lot of times they slow your site down. Privy was designed specifically to work with Shopify so it’s really optimized for e-commerce.

    Privy is also going to give more design options than what comes with your theme, so I think it’s a good decision for most stores who want to prioritize building their email list. They do have a free version which is probably okay for most shops. It has their branding on it, which bugs me, but it does save you $20 a month, so there’s that.

  2. Digital Downloads - This app allows you to easily sell digital products! You could add art prints, calendar, workbooks, or whatever else you want. After your customer completes their purchase, Shopify will allow them to download the product on the checkout page and via email. And it’s totally free!

  3. Back in Stock Product Alerts - This app lets your customers sign up for email updates when an item is out of stock. This can help bring back customers who wanted buy but couldn’t. The free plan gives you up to 50 alerts per month, although it does include some developer branding. 

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