Navigating a New Product Based Business with Mindy Keegan

Today we are talking to Mindy Keegan from Made for Mama Shop, who is running a pretty new product-based business and she’s doing one heck of a job! Mindy went from a corporate job to running a network marketing business with a part-time job to launching her own business in just a few short months! 

Mindy Keegan is the owner of Made for Mama Shop-an online product shop, made up of hand-lettered goods she designs to bring more happiness into the hearts and homes of her customers. She left her cozy corporate job two years to stay home with her two spunky little boys, and little did she know she'd be starting an online shop with no experience in retail. She launched the shop in November of 2019 by making Christmas mugs with her dusty Cricut machine and is now branching out through sourcing, wholesale and other opportunities. She believes the sky's the limit and you are the maker of your destiny!

In this episode, we talk about… 

  • How she found something that makes her business different than all the other mug shops out there
  • Working part-time while she was getting started with her own business to make ends meet when she left her corporate job as the main breadwinner
  • How taking messy action and failing has helped her business succeed. 
  • Things she’s tried to get more traffic and new customers to her shop.
  • How mindset is the biggest factor in starting your own business 
  • Things she’s learned from running a network marketing business before she started her own company
  • Why it’s important for shop owners to learn SEO for their business growth. 

Connect with Mindy:


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