How to Improve High Performing Blog Posts

At the end of every month, I take time to record my site statistics to check where my traffic is coming from and what my most popular posts were for the month. Then I optimize those posts to ensure that the traffic going to those posts is working to get people to get to know my business, how I help people, and join my mailing list.

As much as I love creating content, I also want to make sure it helps my business by growing my audience or increasing my bottom line.

Optimizing blog posts that are high performing just means that you use the content you create effectively. By focusing the content you’ve already created and people are already reading you are getting a better return on your time investment in that blog post.

Also when you are focusing on content that people are reading, you will most likely start to come up with related topics that further build your authority in that topic.

Using these tips to optimizing your blog posts is already really good for your Google ranking, but help you build authority, backlines, and also keep people on your site longer which brings down your bounce rate.

Bounce rate is just a term to explain when people landing your site and leave immediately without clicking around.

Seven ways to improve high performing blog posts.

Related links are a great way to show authority, it shows you’ve written other content on the same topic that may also be helpful for your readers.

For example, on this post I can link to my popular post with tips for driving traffic to your blog.

2- Add links to related topics by other people you trust

Included a link from another source on the same topic. Ideally, not someone one is a direct competitor but someone who offers a service or product that your clients may also find helpful.

For example, you are coaches who love to talk about using crystals in your life you can link to a jewelry designer who creates with crystals and talks about using them in your home.

Technically speaking these are called backlinks. I love this post from Clapping Dog Media to explain backlinks.

3- Create a content upgrade

If possible add a content upgrade to your post that would help your reader take action on the topic. This gets them on your email lists and takes them even further in the process of getting to know you.

18 types of content upgrades to help grow your email list by XO Sarah.

4- Add an opt-in form to your newsletter

If you can’t think of a content upgrade just offer up your newsletter. After someone has read a few really helpful blog posts they will see the value in following you and joining your mailing list for more valuable content. Will everyone who reads your blog join? No, but at the very least you need to give the option. Particularly, if you don’t have a content upgrade.

5- Add list or grid of related content at the bottom of your post.

Adding related content at the bottom of every blog post is great because it helps people easily find other content that they might be interested in, plus it really helps with that dreaded bounce rate.

This is like when you finish the first book in a series, the first chapter of the next book is at the end of the book to entice you to read the next book.

6- Add affiliate links.

Are you an affiliate for someone or software that relates to your topic? Add your links without being spammy. Make sure your topic actually relates to the program. You don’t want to stuff affiliate links where they don’t fit.

7- Add (or update) a strong call to action

It’s always a good idea to revisit your main call to action on a high performing post. Maybe it’s an old link or maybe the wording isn’t very strong or convincing and needs a little tweak. Make sure the call to action is work for you and focused on your number one goal.

Pro-tip: After you optimize your post make sure to promote it everywhere. The key to more website traffic is promoting your site. Here's a checklist for promoting your posts.





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