Getting your Small Business into Gift Guides for the Holidays with Allison Carter

Getting your Small Business into Gift Guides for the Holidays with Allison Carter Podcast from Product Powerhouse

As a shop, you want to get your products in front of the right people this holiday season. This week's guest shares everything you need to know on the PR side to grow your sales by pitching to be featured by bloggers and influencers. Episode 124 of the Product Powerhouse Podcast is about getting your small business into gift guides for the holidays! 

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If you want to get your small business featured in holiday gift guides, you need to start thinking about your pitch now. Allison Carter, a business coach and expert in getting small businesses featured in major publications, says it's not too late to start pitching for the holiday season. She says the key is to focus on online outlets, which will drive traffic to your website, and to offer an affiliate program to bloggers and influencers. By following Allison's tips, you can make sure your small business is front and center this holiday season.

Allison Carter is a business coach who helps small business owners boost their visibility and credibility. She has been featured in many prestigious publications, such as Forbes, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, and BuzzFeed. She is also the host of an annual event called the Ultimate Product Party.

To find bloggers and influencers who write gift guides, small business owners can use such as Google and Pinterest, to find relevant websites and social media accounts. Use all the Google power that you can possibly have because Google is free. So Google till your heart can and just keep writing these down.

Once a list of potential outlets is compiled, then business owners can then research each one to see if their products would be a good fit. This process may involve reaching out to the outlet directly to inquire about their guidelines for submissions. 

When reaching out, be sure to have a strong pitch ready that highlights why your product would be a great fit for their guide, and consider offering an affiliate program to sweeten the deal. Find Allison's free pitch checklist here. 
Mama Notes is a great example, she's crazy big on Instagram. She does these gift guides for all holidays and she always has like these cute little shops with the muted colors and she has the perfect kids with the perfect outfits and the perfect gifts all the time. But she highlights these small businesses and a lot of stuff she highlights on Amazon because she gets paid to do that for Amazon.
For more on this topic and perspective, listen to the full episode Getting your Small Business into Gift Guides for the Holidays with Allison Carter.







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