Dive into the World of Art Licensing: How to Turn Your Creativity into Profit with Leah Keggi


Welcome to another episode of the Product Powerhouse Podcast! In today's episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Leah Keggi, the talented designer behind CoastL Studio. Leah specializes in art licensing, where she creates beautiful patterns and designs for products that add a touch of vacation to your everyday life. We dove into the world of art licensing, discussing what it is, how to get started, and the endless opportunities it presents for artists and business owners. So, let's jump right into the interview!


Getting to Know Leah and Art Licensing:

Leah introduces herself as a surface pattern designer and shares her passion for creating patterns that adorn products like water bottles and home decor. She licenses these patterns, making them available for sale on various products. Inspired by coastal living, Leah's designs capture the essence of beach life, even for those miles away from the shore.


The Fascinating World of Art Licensing:

Art licensing is the process of allowing other businesses to purchase and use your artwork on their products. It's a fantastic way for artists and business owners to generate additional revenue streams. Leah discusses her own journey into art licensing, starting with her love for drawing and discovering the world of pattern design. She shares how she found print-on-demand sites like Spoonflower and Society6, where artists can showcase and sell their designs on a wide range of products.

Understanding Royalties and Flat Fees:

When it comes to licensing your artwork, there are two primary methods of compensation: flat fees and royalties. Flat fees involve selling your art for a predetermined amount, granting the company the rights to use it on their products. On the other hand, royalties allow artists to earn a percentage of each sale made with their art. Leah explains that royalties are often more lucrative, ranging from 5% to 15% of the sale price. Print-on-demand platforms like Spoonflower and Society6 provide artists with immediate royalties for each item sold.

Finding Your Niche and Targeting Companies:

One of the crucial steps in art licensing is identifying your niche and determining where you want to see your patterns or designs. By focusing on a specific target market, such as coastal-inspired patterns, artists can narrow down the companies they want to work with. Leah suggests researching companies within your niche and reaching out to them to discuss potential collaborations or licensing opportunities. She also recommends joining art licensing Facebook groups and communities to gain insights and vet companies before entering into contracts.

The Importance of Dedication and Fun in Art Licensing:

Leah emphasizes the need for dedication and perseverance in art licensing. While it can be a rewarding revenue stream, it requires consistent effort and time. Artists should set aside a specific amount of time each week to create art or pitch their designs to companies. Leah also encourages artists to focus on the fun aspects of their business, reminding them to pursue what brings them joy. Whether it's creating art, marketing, or engaging with social media, finding the fun in the process can help maintain motivation and enthusiasm.

Art licensing opens up a world of possibilities for artists and business owners alike. By licensing your artwork, you can generate additional income and see your designs on a wide range of products. Leah Keggy's journey in art licensing serves as an inspiration for those looking to explore this exciting industry. Remember to find your niche, target companies within that niche, and dedicate time and effort to your art licensing journey. With perseverance and a touch of fun, you can turn your creativity into profit.

To learn more about Leah Keggi and her stunning designs, visit her website at CoastLStudio.com or follow her on Instagram @CoastlStudio. Don't forget to check out the recommended resources, including SketchDesignRepeat.com and the Art Licensing with Mabel Tan Facebook group.

So, dive into the world of art licensing and let your creativity shine on products that bring joy to people's lives!

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