5 Simple Strategies for More Traffic to your Blog

Most people who want to start a blog think all they have to do is write a blog post and people will read it. Or they write a blog post, share it once on their Facebook page, and think that is enough.

Unfortunately, neither are true.

You have to promote a blog and you have to promote it a lot.

While there are a lot of things you can do with really great SEO tactics to get traffic from search, it’s not the fastest or the easiest way to grow your blog. There’s a bigger learning curve to learning how to do SEO to reach a new audience than there is for promoting your content to your existing audience.

Whether you are starting a blog as a business, or you are blogging for business, this post is for you!

5 Simple Strategies for more traffic to your blog

How to grow your blog with your existing audience

1- Don’t discredit the small things.

There are tons of places to share your blog link, like on your Facebook profile and in your email signature. Make sure all of your different profiles are linking back to your blog. Things like this can open doors for you.

I have a client who got an amazing opportunity just because an acquaintance saw her blog link in her email signature. You never know who will see your links and what connections they have. Every link you connect further builds your digital footprint in the online world and this is a good thing!

One of the most overlooked is your personal Facebook profile. Add your website as a workplace and link to your blog’s Facebook business page. When you do this, strangers who find you in a Facebook group that is related to your niche can actually find your website. Because, I know you are already in Facebook groups engaging with people who you could be serving, right?

2- Promote content that is already popular.

You don’t always have to create new content to grow your blog traffic. The blog posts that people seem to love are the best to start promoting on a regular basis. If you need help coming up with out of the box ways to promote your blog posts check out my free checklist below.

EVERGREEN: Baking Cookies
SEASONAL: Baking Christmas Cookies

Quality evergreen content (things that aren’t time-based) are really great traffic drivers to your blog. When you optimize your blog posts, you can help direct that traffic to sign up for your email list.

This is also a great place to start when you are planning out new content. Think about the categories of blog posts that are already popular and expand on those to build out your authority on the topic.

3- Focus your energy on where you are already seeing results.

What social platform is your top referral for website traffic right now?

That’s where you should focus your energy on promoting! If most of your traffic comes from Pinterest, focus on creating better graphics and pin descriptions, or learn more about Pinterest strategy. Spend some time setting up a Tailwind account so you can pin consistently.

Wherever your people are already, spend your time there!

Don’t worry about learning new ways to bring traffic until you’ve mastered one way and have a solid strategy in place.

4- Start collaborating as soon as possible.

You can’t build a thriving blog on your own. You need people to read and share your posts. The fastest way to do this is by collaborating with other bloggers in your niche or in a related niche.

Things like guest posting, quote round-ups, or blog hops (where multiple bloggers write about one theme and each blogger links to each other’s post) will help you build your audience quickly.

This post, from my friend Lindsey at Hazel Haven, is a really great resource if you are unsure about how to do this!

5- Create a schedule for creating AND promoting your blog and stick to it.

There’s a lot of pressure in the blogging world to be constantly creating new content because it’s a big part of the equation. However, promoting your content is equally important. Too many bloggers don’t spend enough time promoting the blog posts they have.

Create a schedule so you are able to create content and promote equally.





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